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House Rules


Please abide by the following rules when visiting T&S





1) T&S is a grown up eating and drinking establishment, admittance reserved to ladies & gentlemen over the age of 21. In doubt we will check your ID!


2) Due to the use of open flames, dry ice, smoking guns and other fun stuff

we do not allow babies, children or pets here at T&S! Safety first!


3) The host(ess) decides if you get in. No if’s, and’s or but’s…...


4) Groups over 6 allowed only if authorized by the host(ess). 


5) We have a zero-drug policy…we will call the police

if you are using and/or selling drugs in or around T&S. 


6) Respect other guests, do unto others as you would have others do unto you! 


7) Dress to impress…Of course we like you just the way you are… but neat ;-)


8) Have Fun! 


9) If you are not seated on the terrace…NO glassware allowed outside! 


10) If you make a mess in the toilets.. Clean up after yourself.. Clear?! 


11) Don’t steal! Thieves will be hunted down and publicly humiliated.

This may or may not include posting camera images on the internet…


12) Respect our staff…we are here to serve you…we are not your servants.

Sounds similar…big difference! Say please and thank you! 


13) Jackets and coats must be neatly hung on the provided coat racks.

Please help us keep T&S tidy. 


14) Management is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


15) Laugh, giggle and be silly! 


16) Know your limits and try not to over-indulge… 


17) Respect our neighbours…noise travels upwards in the alley!

Please try and keep this in mind when entering/leaving the premises or outside smoking. 

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