Dear valued regulars, friends and guests of T&S,


Unfortunately we are currently closed and unable to welcome you into our home and provide you with the T&S experience that you are used to.

Luckily, we have 8 years of wonderful memories full of great drinks, music, parties, friends and extraordinary times

spent with you to tide us over until we can be together again!

And we want to share these memories with you...

but how?

Bars are closed, no one is travelling, so how can we bring the guest bartending experience into the new world?

By bringing some of our favourite bars worldwide, not to our bar, but directly to your home for your enjoyment!


T&S has partnered up with several of the amazing bars and bartenders that have joined us behind the bar at T&S over the past 8 years. 

We are going to bring them, their bars and their cocktails back to Amsterdam, but in a new and amazing format!


One of the most exciting and fun elements of going to a bar is opening and browsing the menu,

reading through all the different cocktails, their great names and descriptions.

Now imagine doing this from the comfort of your own home.

Now imagine that the menu features not only cocktails from T&S, but from bars all over the world.

Now imagine that you can order these cocktails to be delivered to your home in a DIY version

and that everything you need to re-create cocktails from some of the greatest bars around the world

is included in the package that arrives on your doorstep.

 Now imagine it even includes ice and a step by step guide on how to make the cocktail at home!


Do you have the image in your mind?




Now click HERE!


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